Physician Benefits

"Medicare Payment Reform" is accelerating and the Train has already left the station. Medicine is moving away from "Volume Based Care" to "Value Based Care"

All providers will be assigned by Medicare, a Value Based Modifier (VBM) from 2016

  • VBM for each physician will range from -2.0 to +2.0
  • Proportionately Medicare fee schedule will be adjusted from -4% to +4%

More than 2/3rds of physicians are expected to receive a negative VBM to start with per current CMS data

  • ACO providers are exempt from the negative VBM impact

PQRS penalties can add up to another -1.5%

  • An ACO Provider is exempt from the PQRS negative impact

ACO not only reports the PQRS but provider will also reap the PQRS payment.

  • ACO takes over PQRS operational expenses from practice.

Providers will receive Medicare shared savings bonuses on top of their regular fee for service income. Based on the results of successful ACOs, your bonus could be equal to or more than your total annual FFS income.

Why participate in NEXT ACO?

  • Does not contain any initiation fee to participate in our ACO
  • All Participant physicians have an equal opportunity to be an Investor/stakeholder
  • A provider who is an investor as well as a participant can generate a significant ROI as well as a substantial shared savings bonus
  • This ACO is "Primary Care Centric" and participants receive up to 80% of shared savings
  • All of the above have been achieved with 100% success with our other ACOs in Florida
  • Complete operational transparency
  • No Binding Contracts